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Wall Hanging,"Im Eshkachech...",Medium
Stainless Steel
in store $99.99
Plaque "Eishet Chayil",Jerusalem,Hebrew
ART Judaica
in store $21.99
Plaque,Birkat Hamazon,Hebrew
in store $8.99
Floating Birkat Haesek Plaque
Laser Cut on Acrylic
in store $71.99
Birkat Habayit Plaque
Laser Cut on Acrylic
in store $71.99
Home Blessing,Silver on Black,Framed
in store $69.99
Modeh Ani Blessings Girls
ART Judaica
in store $29.99
Hamsa on Hamsa,Birkat Habayit,Hebrew
Epoxy on Wood
sold out $21.99
(on order)
ART Judaica
in store $3.99
Hamsa,Hebrew "Mazal" in Green Middle
ART Judaica
in store $3.99

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