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Hanging Hamsa,Baby Blessing,Boys
Hand Painted Pewter
sold out $44.99
(on order)
Hanging Hamsa,Baby Blessing,Girls
Hand Painted Pewter
1 in stock $44.99
Hanging Hamsa,Hebrew,Pomegranates
2 in stock $31.49
Birkat Habayit,Hebrew,Cutout
Stainless Steel
3 in stock $71.99
Birkat Haesek,Hebrew,Cutout
Stainless Steel
1 in stock $76.49
Laser Cut Hamsa
Yair Emanuel
sold out $31.49
(on order)
Wall Hanging,"Im Eshkachech..."
Dorit Klein
1 in stock $49.49
Wall Hanging,"Happiness Health Love...
Dorit Klein
1 in stock $80.99
Wall Hanging,"Im Eshkachech...",Medium
Stainless Steel
1 in stock $76.49
Business Blessing
Dorit Klein
sold out $40.49
(on order)

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