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Boruch Learns About Chanukah
Kunda Family
1 in store $24.99
Rebbe Alter
1 in store $23.99
Shalom Sesame
Sesame Street
1 in store $9.99
Shalom Sesame 2 Chanukah Missing Menorah
Sesame Street New Series
Aug 2010
6 in store $14.99
CD-Chanukah!Your Favorite
1 in store $16.99
The Magic of Chanukah
2 in store $21.99

What Is Chanukah

Chanukah is the Jewish eight-day, wintertime “festival of lights,” celebrated with a nightly menorah lighting, special prayers and fried foods. The Hebrew word Chanukah means “dedication,” and is thus named because it celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple.


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